Building History
Building History
Carlos and Harleys restaurant at night with a glowing open sign.

The History of the Eden General Store and Carlos & Harley’s Cantina 

The Eden General Store was originally built in 1881 by Elija Wilbur, who reportedly learned woodworking techniques from Brigham Young. In the early days of Eden, the general store had an old dance hall on the top level and the small east corner of the store served as a post office. 

It was a general mercantile that stocked everything from beans, buggy whips and hip boots. Drawers of cloth, buttons, and spools of thread, canned goods, round cheeses, salted meats, brooms, bins of rice, sugar, and flour. A beloved part of the store was the long glass candy case with treasures of penny candy — gum, jelly beans, opera bars, and nut loaves. 

It passed from the Petersen family to the Fuller family in 1920, who bought both the business and the historic home to the east. Phyllis Fuller was appointed postmaster and held the position until her death in 1964. At that time the store closed and the family returned to ranching. In 1969, the Toone’s purchased it and reopened the building as the General Store in 1970.

Throughout its history it has remained a town landmark and a place of nostalgia and heritage. From the 70’s up to the present it has been closed a number of times, always reopening with a fresh energy. 

In 2009 the building was turned into Carlos & Harley’s Fresh-Mex Cantina. The cantina changed ownership in 2021, and currently strives to bring the freshest ingredients and flavors to dining patrons. Many interior renovations have taken place while still honoring the building’s past.